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Common in those who play sports

Injuries to the hip region, acetabular labrum, and femoroacetabular impingement are frequent in people who play sports like (football, volleyball, cycling, and running) in their daily lives. Hip arthroscopy is the primary treatment for such injuries.


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Injuries to the hip region, acetabular labrum, and femoroacetabular impingement are common in sports like football, volleyball, cycling, and run regularly. These injuries are primarily treated with hip arthroscopy.

Benefits Of Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy benefits older individuals who are physically active. Major complications can be alleviated with surgery. The surgery involves making smaller cuts as opposed to the large incisions that were made in older procedures.

The Process

Patients can keep their natural hips. The procedure continues to advance, allowing for better treatment and faster recovery.

The Origin Of Work Injuries

Labral injuries can occur during sports activities, external movements, and changes in the shape of the hip bones.

Hip Arthroscopy Technique

Hip arthroscopy is used to treat labral lesions and bone deformities, thus preventing labral injuries in the future.

Hip Arthroscopy And Its Impact

Labral injuries change bone anatomy and alter the functionality of the femur and the acetabulum, which is why hip arthroscopy is needed for treatment.

These deformities appear in two types: the cam and pincer deformities.

The Presence Of A Contour

The presence of an unusual contour in the transition between the neck and the femoral head is called a cam-type deformity. When acetabulum covers a substantial part of the femoral head, it is considered a pincer-type deformity.

Result Of Arthroscopy

The results of arthroscopy on femoroacetabular impingement depends on the stage of the cartilage lesion. Early-stage cartilage lesions have a better rate of results.

The Hip’s External Balance

This is for cases where the external hip snaps and the iliotibial band over the femur become unstable.

Generally, patients who show a rebound between the iliotibial tract and the greater trochanter do not experience pain.

Patient Cases

There are also several cases of patients who already had other pathologies that caused hip pain. Doctors have to conduct several examinations to narrow down likely causes of pain and the appropriate treatment.

Main Treatment

The main treatment in these cases is non-surgical, but in refractory cases, the arthroscopic release of the iliotibial tract or the gluteus maximus muscle may be the best solution.

Cases Of Injuries In Hip Connections

Hip ligament dysfunction can be caused by several factors like high-energy trauma, loose ligaments, and sports injuries. They usually impact the way that the femoral head shifts during extreme movement.

More frequently

The treatment for capsular ligament injuries and the round ligament, through hip arthroscopy, is becoming increasingly common.

Cases Involving Trauma

Generally, arthroscopy is used in cases of high-energy accidents that injure the ligaments, cartilage, and cause fractures.

Cases Of Displacement

In cases of hip dislocation, fragments of bones and cartilage from the joint are removed through arthroscopy.

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