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The Foot & Ankle

The ankles and feet are some of the most-used parts of your body, sustaining varying amounts of weight, strain, and pressure throughout your life. These complex structures rely on their various parts to ensure you remain upright and on your feet. Even the most basic activities—like walking, running, standing, and moving—rely on the foot and ankle.

There are over 100 ligaments, bones, muscles, and tendons in this important region of your body. However, injuries and deterioration are also just as common. Almost everyone experiences some form of injury to the foot or ankle at some point in their lives.

If you’re one of those people, please continue reading to learn more about the symptoms and treatments.  


What kind of injuries can happen?

The feet and ankles are designed to sustain a lot of pressure, absorb impact, and combat stress. However, age, lifestyles, illness, and activities may make some people more prone to injuries in this region.

We’re on our feet all the time, from toddlerhood to adulthood. Thus, overuse and wear-and-tear of the ankles and feet can cause deterioration over time. The sides, heels, and balls of your feet may experience pain and discomfort owing to various conditions. Underlying health concerns may also affect older adults, causing degeneration in all joints and bones in their bodies. Arthritis, Morton’s neuroma, and bursitis are some of these conditions.

Athletes and people who partake in intensive physical activities may sustain injuries that can limit their mobility and affect their physical performance. Excessive training and overuse of your feet and ankles can result in injuries. These may include sesamoiditis, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendonitis, and stress fractures.

Ankle instability, sprains, and deformity are some of the most common problems of this region. In some cases, severe conditions may even require surgical intervention to help you return to regular functioning.

Customized treatments options

Foot and ankle injuries must be treated immediately. Left untreated, they may lead to long-term incapacitation and could impact future mobility and functionality. We can take various approaches to treatments, depending on your symptoms and specific case.

Our orthopedist leverages advanced techniques and cutting-edge technologies to provide surgical treatments and minimally-invasive procedures alike. We offer tailor-made treatments to help in your specific situation.

Using physical examinations, radiographs, muscle tests, and MRI examinations, we can decide on the most effective treatment plans for you. Comprehensive management of ankle and foot bone breakages requires rest, immobilization, and physical therapy to get back to your regular mobility.

Consult with our experienced orthopedic doctor regarding your symptoms or visit us for a complete examination. We have effective diagnostic procedures and treatments for you. Contact us to book an appointment.

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